I adopted 45% cyan and 75% yellow as the base colors and then varied the percentage of black and magenta from 0% to 100%.  I don’t really like the final graphs that have been exhibited, because I consider it renders very few kinds of colors in one image, only green and red generally. Comparatively, when people use other combination as the base colors, the graph will show more varieties of colors (See the example below)

From : Graphic Design School (Dabner, Stewart, and Zempol), Fundamentals of Color

Therefore, I consider my experiment on colors a failure because of its monotony and incongruity. If I have more time, I would like to change the base color and then see how the result differs.

I have not printed it out yet because I usually print it on Tuesday before the class. So I don’t know what problems will occur in printing. But I can forsee that there would be a lot.


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