Anaysis of Logos


This logo of Vimarts is very dense and colorful. It consists of various bright and vivid colors, such as pink, reddish orange, yellow and sapphire blue, which intrigues women’s desire to go shopping. Also there are various types of objects, say shoes, hats, underwear, mp3 and watches, whose whole outline turns to be a delicate coin purse. Interestingly, the antenna of the giraffe in the middle becomes the button of the wallet. This big yellow giraffe with brown spots on the body endows the focal point, without which it would be too messy. To balance the giraffe’s yellow long neck on the right, there’s a green long watch alike on the left. Similarly, a pink shoes on the left poises the space of giraffe’s legs on the right.



This logo is from a Sushi restaurant. The big ‘S’ implies ‘Sushi’ vividly, which is easy for customers recognize and remember. There are several circles at the bottom of ‘S’, which resemble the shapes of Sushi as well as the body of an elegant swan, with some blue feathers as decoration. Meanwhile, there is a bold rose red circle in the middle of the swan’s or the Sushi’s body, which resonates with the color of ‘Restaurant Japanese’ at the bottom of the logo. Also, the extended writing of ‘h’ in ‘Sushi’ on the low right part of the logo, is a balance of the huge body of the swan on the up left side, making the logo coordinated and symmetric.



This is the logo of the biggest convenient store chain ‘7 ELEVEn’. The logo is mostly bilateral symmetric. The outline of the white space in the middle resembles the contour of ‘7’, with the wide top and narrow bottom. The characters in ‘ELEVEn’ are capitalized except ‘n’, adding more interesting explanations afterwards in different regions (I don’t know why actually..). Also, the figure of ‘7’ inserts into the green frame of the logo, which resonates with the below-center position of ‘ELEVEn’. Red, orange and green constitute the colors of the logo, making it conspicuous and intriguing.


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