Reflection of Composition Design

Reflection of Composition Design

After using 3-6 black squares to design abstract concepts in the white sheet, I did taste a little bit of art. Previously, I love to read books relevant to art or appreciate artworks in museum. There were certain works that I felt deeply intrigued with, though I could not exactly tell why. I just thought that I knew the painter, I knew what he/she was thinking or feeling.

In my design, I put some cultural elements into the picture. For instance, when doing the concept of “harmony”, I thought of the slogan that our previous president raised: Building a harmonious society. So I just put the national flag as the background of the design and then replaced the stars with squares to show the deep meaning of a harmonious society. You can regard it as an irony or just an objective reflection of a popular political slogan in China in recent years.

This design just reinforced my previous view: Design cannot be built from nothing. We need some inspirations from our culture, thinking or just daily life.

However, this idea cannot be adapted to all circumstances. Professor Osborn told us to “play with the squares”. Actually at first I’m wondering, should there be some deep thinking behind each concept? How can we just randomly design things that we may ourselves do not understand. But, after my friend, who is an undergraduate student in China, played with those squares and came out a fabulous idea of “perseverance”. I’m convinced. Yes, different designers can adopt distinct approaches to reach the same goal, no matter thinking  or playing comes first.

Something I want to add at last is an interesting comment by my friend. I went to New York last year in winter holiday and met with my friend, now studying design in Parsons. When I asked her about her views of differences of eastern and western design, she said: Westerners love funny things when easterners tend to attach deep meaning or significance to it. It’s a very interesting point and I somewhat agree with her. This difference may result from disparate level of development (high,low), culture (open, conservative), or natural environment? (I don’t know..)

Also, this assignment (Sorry I should not consider it as an assignment) made me know the huge gap between me and those people majoring in arts and design. I’m amazed by what they created by simplest elements. That is amazing. It is the meaning of education.


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